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When asked to do this wedding we never dreamed we would have made such wonderful friendships with Jacob + Chelsea, their families, & other vendors. This was so much more than just 2 people saying I Do. See, Jacob + Chelsea flew in from LosAngeles where they currently live & run tudelafcla.com to have their wedding at his family business Comfort by The Cross Eyed Cricket. They renovated the top floor (VENUE COMING SOON) for the family wedding. Watching this family come together working hours and hours with little to no sleep making this day happen was inspiring. I saw what they accomplished in a few months even hours before the ceremony and I can’t wait to see what they will have for a finished venue. We are so excited to shoot there again.

I have photographed a lot of weddings, over 150 actually & this wedding will always stand out because of the overwhelming genuine love I watched between this couple. They were so laid back and just focused on each other and the end result of just being together and being married. The details didn’t matter. Jacob adored Chelsea and it was so evident when he made a video (which played before the ceremony) of him going to every location they had dates and got to know each other as friends up until that evening when he proposed. The thoughtfulness I saw between these two as they constantly made everyone around them feel special was amazing. I have never seen bridal parties say such wonderful things about their friends as I did this night. Jacob + Chelsea know what it means to be a great friend and I am so blessed to call them my friends as well.

So many aspects of this day stood out as it was so unique. We were able to watch different faiths come together, guests from all over the United States as well as family from South Africa, Brazil, & Israel! This brought out so many cool traditions that we had never seen before as well as music. The Horah dance was such a beautiful celebration & I honestly wish it happened at every single wedding. The joy that came over the crowd was contagious and everyone was involved. DJ Ray did such an amazing job incorporating all of the different types of music for all of the different guests. Oh & I can’t forget to mention the Parlor Doughnuts instead of cake…if you haven’t had these delicious pieces straight from heaven then you are missing out.

The Amazing Team:
Floral | KD decor
Dress | BHLDN
Jewelry | Brinker’s Jewelers
Doughnuts | Parlor Doughnuts
Wedding Planner | City Social
Venue & Catering | COMFORT by the Cross-Eyed Cricket
Hair & Makeup | Natalie joseph’s
Videographer | Peregrine Media Productions
DJ | DJ Ray

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