MICK + NANCY | A Southern Illinois Love Story

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One of my absolute favorite moments during a wedding is watching the grandparents. Maybe its because I miss my own so dearly, but I am just fascinated watching them and how they interact after so many years of marriage. So, one day I had been thinking that I would love to meet one of these couples and photograph them & capture this type of love. A lasting unconditional love here in our small community that stands out. So, I asked for recommendations and was amazed with all of the stories we received. We even had Mike Eyman reach out and offer to capture their story through video. Please listen and hear them tell their story.

Video courtesy of Mike Eyman with Peregrine Media Productions

This was the particular letter (sent in from their granddaughters) that stole our hearts:

“The love story of Mick and Nancy began way back in the 2nd grade. If you would ask Mick today, he would tell you there was never anyone else. Nancy finally came to that realization her senior year as well. Their love only continues to grow from there into their college years. After about a year and a half of studies, they decided to become wed on December 19, 1963. Life was simpler then, living on Chef Boyardee and Spam, and although what they had was little, their love was greater than any earthly possession money could buy. Once college days were over, they moved back home to Norris City, IL and became full time high school teachers at NCO. During their time as teachers, they added two children, Lora and Mark, to their family. 

There are countless stories and acts of kindness and love to fill the years that passed but in consideration of time and length we will fast forward to the present time. 

You will find them both retired, still living in Norris City, IL, a love stronger than ever, and a family full of that love. However, retired has held a different meaning for Mick and Nancy. Mick farms full time, and has passed his love of farming down to his son and grandson both. You can find Nancy preparing lunch for her farmers and anyone else who may wonder in every day at noon. Nancy also pours into so many young women and teaches them everything she knows about homemaking, from sewing, to cooking, she knows it all. She is true epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman. Their marriage has been a true reflection of Christ from the start. A sacrificial love to one another, to their Savior, their family and their community for going on 56 years. Together they serve the Lord at their home church, Ditney Ridge Baptist from maintenance to VBS, you name it, they’re there. You ask for something special about their love story, and it’s just not possible to pick only one.”

One of my favorite things their granddaughters said about them was “Once you know Mick and Nancy Colbert, your life changes in the best kind of way. Thank you for this opportunity to bless, surprise and talk about the grandparents we cherish and hold so dear.” This was absolutely true. As soon as we arrived to their homestead we were immediately welcomed in their home and treated as if we were family. As Nancy was gathering things together Mick was already showing my son how to work the rotary phone still attached to their kitchen wall & explained it had been there for over 40+ years. Some of you have seen my son Axel has sparked an interest in photography & they loved that & allowed him to shoot alongside me. He did a wonderful job. I love seeing images from his angle and point of view. Thank you for giving him the chance, that meant the world to him and he still talks about it. He was so proud. Thank you for making him feel special. (The top featured image was taken by Axel Rush)


  1. Absolutely stunning and very touching…all women dream of love like that. Thank you so much for posting.

  2. I know this family. What a beautiful tribute to their faith, their family and their love!

  3. ❤️ I absolutely love this! Mick & Nancy are probably two of the most wonderful people I have ever met! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love the pictures.
    I am blessed to have you as my friends and neighbor.

  5. What an Amazing/Awesome Couple!!!!!!! I appreciate them early in life to recent in so many areas of my life…I so miss the breakfast..May God continue to Bless !!!!!!Willie

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