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So I did this thing…something I had never done was enter a photography contest. Maybe out of fear of rejection, maybe the timing wasn’t right, I don’t exactly know but I did it. I recently entered a popular photo contest called Shoot & Share. This is where anyone can log onto the website and vote for their favorite images. It puts 4 images on the screen and you vote for your favorite between them. Then it shows another 4 and keeps going.

The contest started with: 583,150 photos and after casting over 90 MILLION votes (maybe 1k from my sweet husband trying to find my images) Only the top 2% made it through all 12 rounds. As I am unsure about which exact images made it through the different rounds I do know that these two guys made it to the 12th round and were FINALIST in the top 2%!!! So lets hear it for the boys!!! I know typically we see so many images of beautiful ladies and the men don’t get all the attention but they should! All of our grooms this year have been wonderful gentlemen and so great to work with. These two especially were so kind and laid back.

So what does this all mean, what will it do for me…honestly not much. No, I didn’t win any money, no flashy car or new equipment. This was just for fun. It was pushing myself to do something a little different and take a chance. My identity is not in my work. Likes and followers only mean that you have likes and followers. This is not what makes a great photographer. I am striving to build real relationships with my clients and give them beautiful images they will cherish and pass down to future generations. Are contests and social media fun? Yes, sometimes but please don’t ever care more about your Likes and follows on social media more than your actual clients. They are the ones who truly support this wonderful art we are honored to create.

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