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“Would you mind if we didn’t do a traditional engagement session & wait to do it out west??” This was music to my ears recently when Hannah & Cody asked us to follow them out west for an adventure session into Antelope Canyon. OF COURSE I would rather go on an adventure and see one of the most beautiful places in the world! This day was a dream come true and something about it felt so spiritual as well. I was in awe the entire day and just couldn’t get over that this was my job. On days like this I do not feel like I deserve this…I don’t understand how I am lucky enough to be blessed like this. However, I am so THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for the opportunity. If you are thinking about traveling out west this is a MUST see. I am already planning on taking our kiddos out there asap. & if you happen to want to do your engagement session somewhere unique then give me a call. I will jump on the next bus, plane, boat, or whatever is needed. Lets go!

As we walked throughout the canyon Hannah & Cody were up for anything and were really just themselves. When you are exploring a new area and just taking it all in the photos really come naturally and it doesn’t feel like a traditional photoshoot. We were lucky enough to have an amazing private tour guide who pointed out when the ray of sunshine would be coming directly down into the canyon and the history of the area. These slot canyons were formed by erosion of the Navajo sandstone primarily due to flash flooding. There are several different ones you can choose to go to however some are now overcrowded with tourists and its hard to even get a photo without 50 people in your way. Thankfully Hannah & Cody booked a private tour where we were the only 4 in our group & were able to spend the day exploring. THANK YOU!

How stunning is she??! I truly have the most beautiful clients!
When they tell you you have only about a minute to capture this ray of light coming through…you shoot like crazy and pray that it all turns out.
We had a professional sand thrower right here…thanks hubby 🙂
Then we went to Horseshoe Bend and unfortunately their favorite spot had been changed with some railing. So, having to dodge the hundreds of others there wanting to see this beauty we opted for something a little different.


  1. Laura, thank you for capturing the love I see when I look at these beautiful souls!! You are an amazing artist and we are so blessed you were with us❤️ I can not stress how important it is to have a photographer who is passionate about her work. Once again, Laura and Jonathan, thank you for sharing such an important day with us.

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